Week 23: “Weather After The News”

Og Mandino, Scroll VI, would not have moved my foundation if it had been earlier.

I have always looked askance at “created” enthusiasm.  So often it is not genuine, more a tool of the salesman.  Beware.  I was unaware of the power of the emotions that we exude.  I never realized the control of my emotions until the Seven Day Diet, Franklin’s Makeover, and the other tools of the MKE.

“I make my own weather, yea I transport it with me.  With this knowledge, I recognize the moods of those on whom I call.”  Considering the weather, energy (or thought) is propagated by waves (emotions).  Energy, a measure of the ability to do work, can transform from one type of environment to another.

“When I master my moods, I will control my destiny!”

When I control my moods,  when I control the weather I create the facts, make the news.

This is exciting.


Week 22: Education

I’ve fallen behind in my goals.  What is the next move of the person you are becoming?  So even though I’ve fallen behind, I’ve learned that those goals, that I’m behind on, are not big enough.

“Hold ideas large enough to destroy undesirable tendencies.”

Education: The ability to learn.  The more you learn, the more you are capable of learning.

We’re having fun now!!

Week 21: Go Bigger!

As my progress through the diet, the no-opinions, the many aspects of the MKE gains momentum, the ego is tumbled and redirected, dissected and empowered by looking within.   Old Blue is exposed as our comfort zone where we are reactionary, controlled by those comfortable habits that have brought us to a place where we are dissatisfied.

Now the curtains have been thrown open, and we use baby steps to build new habits of our deliberate choice, creating the new blueprint.  The priority is to recognize that I am a part of the Universal by degree, and that, by law, that degree can be whatever I choose it to be.  Again, my choice is topical. by taking responsibility.  What do I want that degree to represent?  What portion?  Haanel, Part Twenty-One, tells me whatever I want;  think big!  Think big and use the laws.  Look within.  Hope and goals are limitless.  It is the thought that is creative;  do not care about the “how”.

The Sit has become such an exciting place for me, where my imagination has been reborn, and frolics like a teenager.

Do it now.



Week 20: Are You Sure?

We are learning to control our minds.  I’ve been sick for almost three weeks with “acute strep-throat”.  In Og, #20, I’m told it is my lack of creative energy for the result of the lack of health.  I’m not taking this well!  Do I believe I am the Universal, only a smaller portion, degree?  Good question!

My Sit is normally seventeen minutes, which I’ve been doing with a lot of coughing, and nose dripping, sitting, without moving my hands or feet, but coughing , physical spasms with all the assorted discomfort, while repeating in my mind:  “I am whole, perfect…!”

So after reading #20 again, with dissatisfaction,  I’m doing an extra Sit.  I start the Sit, with “I am relaxed, and quiet.”  “No coughing allowed”, I thought but didn’t vocalize.  Five minutes into the quiet, I spasm cough, and my nose is running.  Five more starts, thinking “I am relaxed, quiet, healthy!”  Spasms. Coughs. Concentration! Focus!  An hour later, I sat for fifteen minutes without a cough: “I am relaxed, and quiet, and healthy.”

This stuff is not for sissies; and, I was one.  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.  But I have to focus!




Week 19: Practice

This MKE is a perfect parallel to Haanel’s, “men are continually progressing to come into communication with the Universal and it’s infinite possibilities.  The more we learn the more everything is connected, not only in the lessons themselves but how actions stream from thoughts into new things and new thoughts.

My health has been poor for ten days or more, and I am grateful.  I am whole and perfect, strong and powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

Yes, I am.

Week 18: I Am Grateful.

Last week was a great week to review previous study, so I went back to the Introduction:  “natural laws and reason will erase uncertainty.”  Now, Week 18 we’re told:  “There is a change in the thought of the World; it is the Eve of a New Consciousness.”  And Mandingo says we are the product of evolution, better equipped than the emperors and wise men before us.

Haanel explains every victory gained gives more confidence; strength is developed by mental attitude.  One of my weaknesses has been a disrespect of those I have silently accused of the lack of weight control, of obesity.  I have been unable to remove this negative thought, even with applied efforts of being kind, or attempting to make no opinions.  Recently, through medical education, they have determined that obesity is actually causes by depression, and not other physical reasons.  So now I can use the Natural Law of Dual Thought(Substitution) and look at these Souls with a wish of Joy, and hope for their courage, and change of attitude.

I am so grateful!

The World obesity, especially in the the USA, is that much more revealed.  The Master Key Experience develops insight and sagacity.  There is a change in the thought of the World.  The customs, creeds, and cruelty is passing; vision, faith, and service is taking their places, and I am an example.

Thought is magic by which the human is transformed.



Week 17: Hero’s Journey

What an interesting time for this to come up as we are reviewing our material, and past reading; and,  I have had ten days of flu, or walking pneumonia, that was a perfect time to be reading the obituaries to see what kind of day I was having.

I am still ill, but through the episode I realized:  practice your new blueprint.  I am thankful that I have not read my name yet!  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy, and healthy!!

Good health and love to all.